Fall 2019 Black River Chapbook Competition Finalists and Semi-Finalists!

It’s here, it’s here! We have the short list for the Fall 2019 Black River Chapbook Competition! From well over 600 entries we’ve narrowed things down to 17 semi-finalists and 10 finalists. (As always, this was definitely not easy! We read and agonized over many more than these 27 exciting, well-crafted entries. There are excellent manuscripts that aren’t reflected in this list, and there were a few chaps we loved that were withdrawn along the way. We appreciate every one of you deeply. Please keep making our jobs difficult.)

Entries were read, without identifying information, by an editorial panel consisting of judges (BLP chapbook authors including previous BRCC winners) and BLP editors. Entries were kept anonymous until today–so we can unveil the lists to you!

To all the semi-finalists, congrats & thank you! We will announce the winner from among our list of finalists shortly.

FINALISTS (alphabetical)

The Taste of Stolen Water by Evelyn Anderson (poetry)
This Whole Mountainside by Daniel DiFranco (prose)
Pests by Adam Hopwood (prose)
Catch a Glow by Karl Iglesias (poetry)
Split by Heidi Kasa (prose)
everything saved will be last by Isaac Pickell (poetry)
DM Me If You Want to #Repent by Allison Pinkerton (prose)
Soft Animals by Brian Rigg (poetry)
at first & then by Danielle Rose (poetry)
Because We Were Christian Girls by Virgie Townsend (prose)

SEMI-FINALISTS (alphabetical)

Everyone Was Alive Then by Yvonne Amey (poetry)
Grand Thefts by Barrett Bowlin (prose)
Romantic Portrait of a Natural Disaster by Hannah Cajandig-Taylor (poetry)
Goatman by Gretchen Comba (prose)
All My Life I Wanted to Be a Gift to the Nile by Sara Elkamel (poetry)
Architects of Our Already Future by Monica Gomery (poetry)
Bones by Robin Gow (poetry)
An Inventory of Abandoned Things by Kelly Jacobson (prose)
Many to Remember by Rachel Kaufman (poetry)
Elevation of the Mundane by Cecele Kraus (prose)
The BODY at rest by Leeya Mehta (poetry)
Moths by Tessa Micaela Landreau-Grasmuck (poetry)
A Bird That Flies Over the Dead by Stephanie Rogers (poetry)
Gourd Full of Bees by Eileen Rush (poetry)
Food On The Table by Andrew Villegas (poetry)
The Mining Town by Holly Walrath (prose)
Mina & Fina & Lotte Wattimena by Jill Widner (prose)