Fall 2022 Black River Chapbook Competition Finalists & Semifinalists

Once again, we received an impressive number of compelling manuscripts and are thrilled to share the Fall 2022 finalists and semifinalists! All entries were read blind by an editorial team of BLP editors and judges and kept anonymous until today.

Thank you to everyone who sent in work for consideration in the Fall 2022 BRCC, and huge congratulations to the writers of these notable collections! We appreciate you trusting us with your work.

The winner will be announced soon from our list of finalists.

FINALISTS (alphabetical)

Homebake: Poems—Ann-Marie Blanchard (poetry)
The Flat Circle—Beth Gordon (poetry)
Feather Rousing—Rebecca Meacham (prose)
Mother—Jane Morton (prose)
Snake Lore—Jane Morton (poetry)
Ember Days—Andrew Nurkin (poetry)
Rules of Flight—Mary Winsor (prose)
Dasvidanya—Mary Winsor (prose)

SEMIFINALISTS (alphabetical)

Machine Learning—Genevieve DeGuzman (poetry)
Shadow Syndrome—Steffi Drewes (poetry)
Illuminated Pupils—Justin Groppuso-Cook (poetry)
What Survives a Fire—AT Hincapie (poetry)
sleepless in (non)suburbia—Esteban Ismael (poetry)
Sorted—Kathryn Kulpa (prose)
Slurred Speech, Trembling, Impaired Judgment—Roger Sheffer (prose)
Memory Palace—GC Waldrep (poetry)