Finalists Announced for the 2013 St. Lawrence Book Award

We’re thrilled to share with you the list of finalists and semi-finalists for the 2013 St. Lawrence Book Award! Thank you to everyone who submitted; we love reading your work. The winner will be announced soon…
Nuclear by Sean Bernard (fiction)
The Lapis Child by Julie R Bouwsma (poetry)
At Night by Lisa Ciccarello (poetry)
Cut a Hole and Pull You Through by Claudia N Cortese (poetry)
Noises From My Father’s Bedroom by Hugh C. Culik (fiction)
The Things a Body Might Become by Emari DiGiorgio (poetry)
In the Dark Medina by Jaclyn Dwyer (poetry)
Pinch to Wake Up by Tara Goedjen (fiction)
My Heart Is for Strangers by James Tate Hill (fiction)
Light Into Bodies by Nancy Chen Long (poetry)
Strange Invention by Ann Pelletier (poetry)
A Surprising Measure of Subliminal Sadness by S.J. Powers (fiction)
Necessary Fire by KMA Sullivan (poetry)
Further News of Defeat: Stories by Michael X Wang (fiction)
A Brief History of Science and Medicine by Amy Allara (poetry)
Rules for Rearrangement by Julie Babcock (poetry)
People to Avoid by Bradley Bazzle (fiction)
Corporeal: Stories by Jonathan D. Corcoran (fiction)
Light Streaming from a Horse’s Ass by Anne Elliott (fiction)
Death Cloud and Other Sad Stories by Jon R. Flieger (fiction)
Hotel Grand Abyss by Robert Glick (fiction)
The Book of Keith by Ian Golding (fiction)
Zucchini in the Candelabra by Doulgas S Jones (poetry)
The Dream House by Jesse Nissim (poetry)
Apologia by Michael Opperman (poetry)
Nursing Care of Zebras by Jeanette Tryon (fiction)
Levitation For Agnostics by Arne Weingart (poetry)
Smell of Salt, Ghost of Rain by Ivan Young (poetry)