Hudson Prize Winner and Finalists Announced

It has been a banner year for The Hudson Prize. We’re a bit late in announcing the winner, but we’ve got a good reason. This year we saw the strongest pool of submissions to date. We had a lot of reading and deliberating to do, and the end result is that we’ve got two new members of the Black Lawrence Press family and three new manuscripts.
Huge congratulations to B.C. Edwards who has won The Hudson Prize with his short story collection The Aversive Clause. Edwards also submitted his poetry collection From the Cyclopedia of Recipes for the prize and we are thrilled to announce that we plan to publish both manuscripts.

B.C. Edwards was not the only Hudson Prize finalist to receive a contract. We are also very pleased to report that we will be publishing Freak Show by Valerie Bandura.
Congratulations are also due to the poets and fiction writers who made it to the finalist round:
Poetry Finalists

Emily Rosko – Prop Rockery
Lindsay Illich –  Anatomy Lessons
Rae Gouirand – Open Winter

Tony Trigilio – White Noise
Fiction Finalists

Elizabeth Kadetsky – The Poison That Purifies You
Emily Doak – Hatchlings
George McCormick – Salton Sea
Jennifer Cranfill – The Last of the Small Town Girls
Jessica Barksdale – Tuna for the Apocalypse
Randal Gentry – Evenings with Johnny Carson

Ron Tanner – Boom, Like That

Congratulations again! And thanks to all of the 2011 Hudson Prize participants!