Sapling: The Writer's Guide to the Small Press Industry

We at Black Lawrence Press are proud to announce Sapling, the new incarnation of our publishing tips newsletter.

Time is a precious resource for writers, especially those who are just starting out as professionals or are hoping to be published for the first time, so we decided to create a weekly newsletter, mailed directly to your inbox each Tuesday, packed with information catered directly to writers who crave guidance through the small press industry.

Each issue will include:

-information on a literary contest that is open for submissions

-profiles of literary magazines and small presses, including information about how to submit work

-an interview with a writer or editor with topics ranging from how to craft a convincing pitch to whether an MFA is integral to becoming an established author

-a Q&A section where BLP editors will answer your questions about writing, submitting queries and manuscripts, publishing, navigating contracts, etc.

We at Black Lawrence Press believe that independent publishing is nothing if not a supportive, symbiotic community, and all success is our success. That’s how much we believe in independent publishing and non-mainstream writing, and that’s why we started this newsletter.

For all of this inspiring content, a full 52 issues, we’re charging only $50. Sign up today at

Praise for Sapling:

Thanks for the time and effort you put into this newsletter.  The information is useful and the format very accessible. Those of us whose primary gifts are teaching, writing and running programs are required by the industry of writing to also do the work of publishing, when that may not be included in our natural or developed gifts.  Those of you who spend your time being that industry occasionally extend yourselves with what seems like an understanding of our plight.  It has been my experience that many editors enjoy their own power and mystique.  I have not gotten that impression with you, and have had my aggrieved position altered by reading the interviews and features your newsletter offers.  You seem to want genuinely to help. I appreciate your efforts.

–Susan Davis, Sapling subscriber