"SPEECH ACTS Radiates Fine Writing"

We’re happy to share that Grady Harp gives Laura McCullough’s “naughty” poetry collection, Speech Acts, five stars. He writes:
“It is difficult to find a poet as smart and as sensible and as gifted as Laura McCullough to have the energy and the daring to explore the words that act as intercourse between the reader and the writer. SPEECH ACTS radiates fine writing – as we have all come to expect from McCullough (‘Panic’, ‘Women And Other Hostages’, etc) – but is a collection of works that goes beyond where she has been before. As one person put it ‘Located in the nexus of mind and body, the poems in SPEECH ACTS use language as a weapon, a tool, a sex toy, a map, a love letter and argue with alternate provocation and tenderness that language is the sexiest and most intimate mode of intercourse that humans have’. I like that description. It is as though she wrote it herself, but surely she didn’t because she is far to busy searching out those places and words where she can surprise us with her fecund imagination.” Read the rest here. And buy your copy here.

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