Spring, 2012 Black River Chapbook Competition – Finalists

At long last, the finalists for the Spring, 2012 Black River Chapbook Competition. We look forward to announcing the winner soon.
Poetry Finalists
Or, Gone – Deborah Flanagan
Left-Handed Saturns – Kristin Abraham
No Girls No Telephones – Rebecca Hazelton & Brittany Cavallaro
Nonfiction – Shane McRae
This is not a sky – Jessica Piazza
The Movie My Murderer Makes – Christopher Shipman
The Fifteenth Station- E. K. Mortenson
Forms Abandon – Derek Pollard
A Body in Pieces -K. M. A. Sullivan
In the Alabaster City -Douglas Jones
Homer, Illinois – Matthew Minicucci
Bestiary of Gall – Emilia Phillips
THE KIND OF BEAUTY THAT HAS NOWHERE TO GO – Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney
Errings – Peter Streckfus
Poetry Semi-Finalists
Nightshirt – Jacob Oet
The Centaur’s Daughter – Tana Jean Welch
Scape – Ann Pelletier
PRE – Barbara Tomash
Like Shining from Shook Foil – Christian Teresi
When All You Have is a Hammer – Meg Day
Ab.Sin.The – Melissa Holm
Direction Shimmer – Matthew Sadler
Ramadan Aubade – Tarfia Faizullah
This Is Superbia – Stella Corso
The Sleep Of Elbows – Suzy Scarlata
American Sex Machine – Jason Bredle
Should Our Undoing Come Down Upon Us White – Jill Osier
Fiction Finalists
The Once We Were – Steve Mitchell
Conversational English – Carol Test
Song of Sleep – Lenore Myka
Klaus and Jill – John Colasacco
Fiction Semi-Finalists
A Tulip or a Leopard Seal – Callista Buchen
Six Ways of Looking at a Car Crash – Christopher Mohar
Ohioans – Jen Knox
Mean Blood – Chris Tusa