Spring 2016 Black River Chapbook Competition Finalists & Semi-Finalists!

Drum roll, please! We’re excited to share the short list for the Spring 2016 Black River Chapbook Competition. From over 500 entries, we’ve narrowed things down to 10 semi-finalists and 1o finalists. (As always, this was definitely not easy! We read and agonized over many more than 20 exciting, well-crafted entries. There are excellent manuscripts that aren’t reflected in this list, and there were a few chaps we loved that were withdrawn along the way. We appreciate every one of you deeply. Please keep making our jobs difficult.)
Entries were read blind by an editorial panel consisting of judges (previous BRCC winners and published finalists) and BLP editors. Entries were kept blind until today–so we can unveil the lists to you!
To all the semi-finalists, congrats & thank you! We will announce the winner from among our list of finalists shortly.
FINALISTS (alphabetical)
The Missing Girl: Stories by Jacqueline Doyle (fiction)
Safety Dream by Stevie Edwards (poetry)
A Clean Edge by Jeremy Allan Hawkins (poetry)
The Winesburg Appendix by Michael Martone (fiction)
Other People’s Houses by Kyle Mellen (fiction)
Like a Beast by Carly Joy Miller (poetry)
Floating Rooms by Wendy Oleson (fiction)
Dissolve by Simone Person (fiction)
Irreparable by Katy Richey (poetry)
The Death Metal Pastorals by Ryan Smith (poetry)

SEMI-FINALISTS (alphabetical)

Old Miracles by Jess Feldman (poetry)
Sore Songs by Heather Gibbons (poetry)
Coma by Monica Gomery (poetry)
We All Walk Away, But We Do Not Leave by McKenzie Hightower (fiction)
The Goddamn King of Stag Creek by Anna Lea Jancewicz (fiction)
This Is The Only Orientation You Are Gonna Get by John Jodzio (fiction)
Borrowings Of The Shan Van Vocht by Catherine Moore (fiction)
Bye, Baby Bunting by Tara Mae Mulroy (poetry)
Letters Left Unsent by Allan Peterson (fiction)
Mother in All Your Disguises by Yuliya Tsukerman (fiction)