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St. Lawrence Book Award Finalists Announced!

We received an excellent pool of manuscripts for the 2014 St. Lawrence Book Award. We’re looking forward to diving back in and selecting a winner from the list of finalists. Congratulations to those who made it to the finalist and semi-finalist round, and thanks to everyone who participated!
FINALISTS (alphabetical)

  • Standing Deadwood by Thomas M. Atkinson (fiction)
  • What We Talk About When We Talk About Weather by Matthew Burns (poetry)
  • A Strange Insomnia by Christina N Cook (poetry)
  • Nominal Cases by Thomas Cotsonas (fiction)
  • My Dim Aviary by Gillian Cummings (poetry)
  • Congress of Mud by Luiza Flynn-Goodlett (poetry)
  • Maybe Mermaids and Robots are Lonely by Matthew Fogarty (fiction)
  • Gently, Gently by Helen C Gildfind (fiction)
  • Pause, Now Pause by D. Gilson (poetry)
  • I Refuse to Make This Beautiful by Eileen G’Sell (poetry)
  • Things Every Woman Should Know About Love and other stories by Jenny S Halper (fiction)
  • Havoc by Elizabeth Hazen (poetry)
  • Your Nightmare by Joseph Holt (fiction)
  • A Gathering of Transits by Douglas S Jones (poetry)
  • American Step & Wave by James Maynard (poetry)
  • I Ride Along and Other Stories by Vicky Mlyniec (fiction)
  • One Thirty Five South by Craig O’Hara (fiction)
  • After the Wake by Suzanne Roszak (poetry)
  • Lines the Ugly World Is Full Of by Anna L Weber (poetry)
  • Observational Gestures by Ruth C Williams (poetry)

SEMI-FINALISTS (alphabetical)

  • West of Rooster Port by Cristina J Baptista (poetry)
  • Other Animals by Craig Buchner (fiction)
  • Missing Persons by Stephanie Carpenter (fiction)
  • The Things a Body Might Become by Emari DiGiorgio (poetry)
  • Game of Bodies by Brenna Dixon (fiction)
  • Habitat of Stones by Ezra D Feldman (poetry)
  • The Way Girls Stand in Pictures by Angie Hogan (poetry)
  • I’ve Already Said Goodbye by Don M Miller (fiction)
  • What Breaks through the Dark by Brianna Noll (poetry)
  • Oranges: Stories by Gary E Peter (fiction)
  • This Is Not an Exit by Jim D Redmond (poetry)
  • Heart Rats by Sommer M Sterud (poetry)
  • Grenadine Kisses at Midnight: Stories of Stolen Photographs by Tammy Lynne Stoner (fiction)
  • Eyes in the Back of Her Head by Jill Stukenberg (fiction)
  • Fancies, Games, and Random Documents by John Talbird (fiction)
  • The Void of Desire by Nicole E Terry (poetry)
  • catastrophiliac by Caroline Young (poetry)