TEMPORARY PEOPLE at legendary Strand Bookstore in NYC

A Fable by Steven Gillis

TEMPORARY PEOPLE: A Fable by Steven Gillis

TEMPORARY PEOPLE by Steven Gillis is now available at Strand, legendary NYC bookstore.

Check it out:

http://www. strandbooks. com/app/www/p/profile/?isbn=0976899361
From Strand Bookstore:
“Steven Gillis teaches writing at Eastern Michigan University and is the author of “Walter Falls”, “Giraffes” and “The Weight of Nothing”. Gillis’s “Temporary People” is a fable about a failed television actor, Teddy Lamb a.k.a. The General. Teddy Lamb has turned into a banana republic dictator of Bamerita, a Caribbean island that Teddy has turned into a large movie set. This fable is told through the voice of insurance salesman Andre Manfante, who believes that Teddyhas set out not to make a movie but to blur the edges of reality so that he can claim all acts of violence are mere make-believe. A stunningly original, cautionary tale for our present time. A stark warning for our post-9/11 world.

Or pick it up at Black Lawrence with a special fall deal:
http://www. blacklawrence. com/specials. html