The 2009 St. Lawrence Book Award: UPDATE

LOGO_300_dpi_LARGEWe are pleased to announce the semi-finalists and finalists of the 2009 St. Lawrence Book Award. The winner, to be selected from the list of finalists, will be announced at the end of next week.
Drumroll, please…


Sean Bernard – Maintaining Good Posture Towards Bethlehem
Seth Borgen – Every Goddamn Time
Valerie Finn – Freak Show
Amy Havel – A Small Egg
Tyrone Jaeger – Our Love Stories Are Ghost Stories
Marylee MacDonald – What Am I Doing Here?
Marjorie Manwaring –  Search for a Velvet-Lined Cape
Andrew McIntyre – The Short, The Long, and The Tall Stories
Edward Mullany – Sundays in Ordinary Time
Mike Schiavone  – You’d Be Crazy Not to Love It Here
Ira Sukrungruang – The Man with the Buddha Heads
Steven Tarlow – Bitter Herbs

Joshua Butts – New to the Lost Coast
Carrie Conners – Bring Me Some Butter and a Knife
Tracy DeBrincat – Moon Is Cotton & She Laugh All Night
Christine DeSimone – How Long the Night Is
Sarah Wetzel Fishman – Bathsheba Transatlantic
Eric Gamalinda – People Are Strange
Jeremy Griffin – A Last Resort for Desperate People
Tina May Hall – This Is a Love Story, Too
Karen Holman – Incandescent House
Steve Kistulentz – The Luckless Age
Mary McCray – The Trees of Mars: An American Travelogue
Jennifer Moses – Hope House
Carrie Oeding – Our List of Solutions
Brad Ricca – American Mastodon
Congratulations to the finalists and semi-finalists! We look forward to announcing one of the finalists as the winner next week.