The 2012 Hudson Prize Finalists

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for their patience. It’s taken us much longer than usual to announce the finalists and winner of 2012 Hudson Prize. I hope that you’ll agree with me that we have good reason for the delay. This year the volume and quality of manuscripts that we received was staggering. Now in it’s seventh year, The Hudson Prize brought us an embarrassment of riches. In addition to choosing a winner, we have chosen eight additional manuscripts for publication. After we have reached all of the authors selected for publication, we will make an announcement. We have already contacted the winner, Jacob Appel, about his manuscript Scouting for the Reaper. Congratulations, Jacob! And thanks to everyone who participated in the 2012 Hudson Prize!

Best regards,
Diane Goettel
Executive Editor, Black Lawrence Press
Poetry Finalists
Colony Collapse – Erin Lyndal Martin
Historia Calamitatum – Christopher Kempf
The Desire to Levitate – Alison Powell
Il Pagliaccio Mussolini – Stephen Gibson
We Can’t Read This – Meg Day
This Island of Dogs – Eliot Wilson
1001 Facts of Prehistoric Life – Jo Ann Clark
Nights I Let the Tiger Get You – Elizabeth Cantwell
Poetry Semi-Finalists
Little What – Jeff Oaks
Method Acting – Andrew Terhune
Pleasure Void – Kate Lutzner
Prepositional Poetics – Michael Joyce
Tall As You Are Between – Annie Christain
Body Parts – Merrill Cole
Being in the Draft of – Lindsay Illich
Half-life of Passion – Missy-Marie Montgomery
De Kooning’s Shirt – Kurt Olsson
Fiction Finalists 
Horses All Over Hell – Ryan Blacketter
Up and Out and Then Smoke – Terry Dubow
Your Life Idyllic – Craig Bernier
Strange Mercies – Pete Duval
Field Notes for the Earthbound – John Mauk Contract
Right Back After This – James Hill
Miracles and Conundrums of the Secondary Planets – Jacob Appel
Saluting the Magpie – Jacob Appel
Scouting for the Reaper – Jacob Appel*
When Love Was an Angel’s Kidney – Jacob Appel
Coulrophobia – Jacob Appel
Winter Honeymoon – Jacob Appel
Fiction Semi-Finalists
There’ll Be Lots To Talk About – Crispin Odubuk
Amanuensis and Other Stories – Stephen Tuttle
What She Was Saying – Marjorie Maddox
Tuna for the Apocalypse – Jessica Barksdale
Gods for Sale – Patricia O’Donnell
Missionaries – Bradford Tice
Dirtyville Rhapsodies – Josh Green