The 2012 St. Lawrence Book Award – Finalists Announced!

Fiction Finalists:

Your Life Idyllic – Craig Bernier
Thorn – Evan Morgan Williams
Lovesick Blues – Jon Sealy
Docent Posts of New York – Abby Walthausen
Quantum Entanglement – John Biggs
Don’t Tell Me – Chip Livingston

Fiction Semi-Finalists:

Dead Ends and U-Turns – Christine Grimes
Lyrics for Rock Stars – Heather Sappenfield
Alone – Kathryn Shaver
Hatchlings – Emily Doak
Taking the Cure – James Redd
Both Ways – Benjamin Ludwig

Poetry Finalists:

We Can’t Read This – Meg Day
On the Desire to Levitate – Alison Powell
Four Variations – Amy Allara
There Are So Many People Who Beg You For Love – Katie Jean Shinkle
ATM – Chris Salerno
How We Were Strangers – Joanna Cooper
Vestigial – Page Starzinger
The Lapis Child – Julia Bouwsma
What Ridiculous Things We Could Ask of Each Other – Jeffrey Schultz 

Poetry Semi-Finalists:

There Were Lakes Here Before – Mary Kovaleski Byrnes
Sylph – Abigail Clou
Black Sea – Sara Talpos
Pleasurable Aberration of a Foreign Body – Ruth Williams

We hope to announce the winner by the end of next week. The winner will be chosen from the finalist pools. Thanks to everyone who entered the 2012 St. Lawrence Book Award. It’s been a pleasure to read your work!