The 2017 Hudson Prize : Finalists and Semi-Finalists

We’d like to thank all of the poets and writers who participated in the 2017 Hudson Prize. And we are pleased to announce the finalists and semi-finalists:
Fiction Finalists
Heroes by Farah Ali
On the Divide by Iver Arnegard
Mathematics in an Age of Anxiety by Emily Franklin
Stripped by Leah Griesmann
Oceanography by Jeremy Griffin
Dorothy’s Window and Other Stories by Rachel Joseph
Voices in the Night and Other Stories by Eleanor Lerman
We Will Tell You Otherwise: Stories by Beth Mayer
Moon Trees and Other Orphans by Leigh Camacho Rourks
Home for Little Wanderers by Elizabeth Weld
Fiction Semi-Finalists
White Sands by John Blair
This We’ll Defend by Paul Crenshaw
The Geography of First Kisses by Karin Cecile Davidson
It Won’t Be Long Now, Stories of a Certain Age by JoeAnn Hart
Step Lightly by Kendall Klym
In the Garden by Kate Krautkramer
The Oracle of Your Own Past by Corey Mertes
Let Them Tell Thee Tales by Ruben Sanchez
The Mouth of the Canyon by Jessica Walker
This Old Mine and Other Stories by Edward Willy
Poetry Finalists
These Acres by Sarah Anderson
Civil Servants by Micah Bateman
I Love You But I Don’t Speak Your Language by Jason Bredle
Write This Down So You Won’t Be Afraid by Carolee Bennett
You’ve Been Bit By a Dangerous Snake by Flower Conroy
Southeastern by Tasha Cotter
Taxonomies / Something Opened by Samantha Deal
Waiting for Achilles by Jo Sarotti
So I Waited by Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad
A Hand on the Other Side by Sunni Wilkinson
Poetry Semi-Finalists
Notes on Flying by Craig Beaven
Directed by Lilly Obscure by Dana Curtis
Going Fast by Roberta Senechal de la Roche
Thrownaway by Tony Howarth
Repeater by Michael Peterson
Illusory Borders by Heidi Reszies
The Tilt Torn Away from the Seasons by Elizabeth Lindsey Rogers
A River Always Ends at a Mouth by Danielle Susi
Nature’s Teeth by Anne Pierson Wiese
Whoever Tells Me Not to Dive Headfirst Dove Headfirst and Knew the Taste by Marco Ya

We will choose a winner from the pool of finalists. Stay tuned!