The 2018 Hudson Prize : Finalists and Semi-Finalists

We’d like to thank all of the poets and writers who participated in the 2018 Hudson Prize. And we are pleased to announce the finalists and semi-finalists:
Fiction Finalists

Accepted Forms of Ruin by Jessica Barksdale
Hold Off The Night by Teresa Burns Gunther
The Machine We Trust & Other Stories by Tim Conrad
Pictures of the Houses of the Cities of America by Michael Deagler
The Distance of Closeness by Carol Dines
Nearly Everybody Reads the Bulletin: Short Stories by Katherine Karlin
At War with the Air by Manuel Martinez
The Holy Messiah by Jennifer Anne Moses
Between Two Cultures by Kathleen Spivack
People’s Parties by Amy Stuber

Fiction Semi-Finalists

The Ice Festival by Ryan Blacketter
The Geography of First Kisses by Karin Cecile Davidson
You are not my Mother by Terry Dubow
Between the Mile Markers by Brian Kamsoke
A Muster and a Charm by Kristie Letter
Two Desperados and Other Stories by Susan Lowell
Amphibians by Lara Tupper
Home for Little Wanderers by Elizabeth Weld
Smash and Grab by Kirk Wilson
Entry Level by WM Wimmer

Poetry Finalists

Tortillera Manuscript by Caridad Moro
What Sweetness from Salt by Francine Conley
The Cipher by Molly Brodak
Blow by Mag Gabbert
Better the Girl Know Now by Danielle DeTiberus
Lilly of The Valley by Ines Pujos
Piñata Theory by Alan Chazaro
Somewhere to Go by Laurin Becker Macios
Pulse by Maria Nazos
praised be the name of your mechanics by Daniel Biegelson

Poetry Semi-Finalists

Expedition Notes by Carrie Bennett
The Book of Anniversaries by Andrea Brown
Kingdom of Ends by Christopher Brunt
The Haruspicators by Charles Kell
fascinations by Patrick Kindig
We Didn’t Come to Have a Good Time, We Came to See You by Chrissy Kolaya
Visiting Hours by Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum
You’re Lucky to Get Touched at All by Jessica Morey-Collins
You Are Still Alive by William Stobb
Rare Earth by Kelsi Vanada


We will choose a winner from the pool of finalists. Stay tuned!