The 2018 St. Lawrence Book Award : Finalists & Semi-Finalists

We are very pleased to announce the 2018 St. Lawrence Book Award finalists and semi-finalists. We look forward to announcing the winner, which will be chosen from the pool of finalists, in the coming weeks. Thanks to everyone who participated!
Fiction Finalists
The Seventh Wonder of the Appalachians – Bonnie Roop Bowles
I Love the Way You Lie – Suzanne Dottino
Couples, Families, Friends, and Naught – Michael Feil
No Distance – Amalia Gladhart
The Violence Almanac – Miah Jeffra
To Receive My Services You Must Be Dying and Alone – Kathryn Kruse
Roadside, Creekside – Vicky Mlyniec
What Happens, Stays – Megan Padilla
Driving in Cars With Homeless Men – Kate Wisel
Not a Thing to Comfort You – Emily Wortman-Wunder
Fiction Semi-Finalists
Go Away – Noelle Catharine Allen
Kiss Me Honey and Let’s Go to the Show – Mojie Crigler
Something Worse – Matthew Denis
Prairie Dogs in Loveland – Haley Hach
Approaching Dollywood – David Brendan Hope
In Zugzwang – Stories of Ilion Heights – S Frederic Liss
May You Never Dissolve – Sam Martone
Security – Eric Roe
Smash and Grab: Love Stories – Kirk Wilson
Sylvie, Far Off – Christian Woodward
Poetry Finalists
Far, But Close Together – Conor Bracken
sick love – Jody Chan
What Sweetness from Salt – Francine Conley
Abbatoir – Angelo Mao
Special Education – Caroline Mar
Dawn’s Early – Gloria Munoz
Dear Diaspora – Susan Nguyen
Prayer Book for an American God – C. Pope
Tell This to the Universe – Katie Prince
Bramble and Knife – Sara Ryan
Poetry Semi-Finalists
still life with voices – J.M. Baker
Thunderhead – Emily Cole
Tips For Observing Mammals in the Wild – Fay Dillof
Look Alive – Luiza Flynn-Goodlett
Sawgrass Sky – Andrew Hemmert
Migratory Sound –Sara Lupita Olivares
Rejoicer – Skyler Osborne
My Sweet Atlantis – Catherine Esposito Prescott
Specter – Tori Sharpe
Rabbit Heart – Ciara Shuttleworth