The Big Moose Prize – LONG LIST

Image2012 has bee a great year for The Big Moose Prize. We’ve found quite a few great contenders. With no further ado, here is the 2012 Big Mose Prize Long List:

& then there’s that – Calvin Haul
Alma – Anne Elliott
American Weather – Charles McLeod
The Carnivore of Yod – Scott Anderson
Distrust and the Death Cloud: A Love Story – Jon Flieger
Floaters – Sara Fraser
Friday Night Tacos – Kayleen Dunson
Gulf – Ali Eteraz
Hungry Town – Jason Kapcala
Il Villaggio di Trevi – Patricia Lawson
The King of Open Spaces – Pete Duval
The Latecomers – Peter Anderson
Lesson Plans – Suzanne Greenberg
Let There Be Lite – Joe Taylor
The Number of Missing – Adam Berlin
O, Sinners – Barry Brent
Percherons – Joan Maki
The Sandal Bearer – Stanley Radhuber
Scorpion Queen – Paul Skenazy
Slow Burning Lions – Mark Rogers
Sofrito – Philippe Diederich
The Tide King – Jen Michalski
Under the Standup Tree – Jennifer Boyden
Union Square: A Novel – Adrian Gibbons Koesters
Vigil – Stephen Pett

We look forward to posting the short list and announcing the winner in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!