The "collected-ness" of Morrison's Said and Done

MorrisonWe’re pleased as punch with the most recent review of James Morrison’s Said and Done. Published in the current issue of Quarterly Conversation, the review was written by Barrett Hathcock who, incidentally, was a finalist for the 2009 Hudson Prize.
Here are some of our favorite bits:

I was struck reading James Morrison’s new story collection Said and Done by its consistent inconsistency, its very collected-ness…
…Reading this book and enjoying the stories, each as free agents of prose rather than members of some cohesive aesthetic team, makes me hope that despite our age of a la carte song selection—no doubt only presaging some age of choose-your-own story collection—we will still be provided occasionally with a true sampler, highlighting variety over conformity, highlighting stories we didn’t select ourselves.

Thanks, Barrett!
The entire review is available here. If this sounds like your kind of collection, you can get your copy of Said and Done from the Black Lawrence Press website or from Amazon.
Happy Reading!