The Deeper Truth That Rises From an Informed Imagination

We at Black Lawrence Press are pleased to report that Anis Shivani’s Anatolia and Other Stories has received yet another very positive review, this time in 360 Main Street. In his article “Imaginative Leaps: Review of Anatolia and Other Stories by Anis Shivani,” Skip Renker writes:

Shivani’s complex but clearly rendered vision encompasses war, corruption, economic growth, social movements, globalization, but locates full-fledged individual characters within these larger forces.  In an era when the very air seems suffused with propaganda, lies, abstractions, statistics, I believe we need stories like these, which convey the deeper truth that rises from the informed imagination.  They help us intuit a larger world of people utterly different from ourselves, yet also very much like us.

You can read the entire review here.
Anatolia and Other Stories is available from Black Lawrence Press and Amazon.