The Fall, 2009 Black River Chapbook Competition

We are pleased to announce the semi-finalists and finalists of the Fall, 2009 Black River Chapbook Competition. The winner, to be selected from the list of finalists, will be announced in early January.
Drumroll, please…
Amelia Cohen-Levy – More People than Trees
Christine Klocek-Lim – The Quantum Archives
Darren Morris – Grand Unified Theory
Edward Mullany – A New Russia
Jennifer Michalski – Go to War, Stanley Polensky
Kelly Magee – A Guide to Strange Places: Stories
Rachel Mehl – Letter to Amber in November
Stefanie Freele – Every Girl Has An Ex Named Steve
Susanna Williams – They Say We Don’t Exist
Tracy Geary – Sting
William Snyder – Voices
Andrew R. Touhy – Designs for a Magician’s Top Hat
Benjamin Vogt – Without Such Absence
Megan Garr – The Preservationist Documents
Stephanie Gehring – Foghorn Call
David Salner – Summer Words
Alison Pelegrin – Hurricane Party
Benjamin Hollars & Brendan Todt – Some kind of memorial
Brad Davis – Self Portrait w/ Disposable Camera
Brian Trimboli and Megan Moriarty – Notes from a Zombie Apocolypse
Lisa Coutley – In the Carnival of Breathing