The Hudson Prize: Semi-Finalists

The list is in! Without further ado:
Fiction Semi-Finalists
B Carter Edwards – The Aversive Clause
Catherine McNamara – Pelt and Other Stories
Charles McLeod – National Treasures
Elizabeth Kadetsky – The Poison That Purifies You
Emily Doak – Hatchlings
George McCormick – Salton Sea
Ira Sukrungruang – The Golden Mix
Jennifer Cranfill – The Last of the Small Town Girls
Jessica Barksdale – Tuna for the Apocalypse
Judith Lavinsky – I’m Dating Your Husband, Collected Stories
Katherine Hester – Kin and Other Stories
Kurt Rheinheimer – What Was Lost
Randal Gentry – Evenings with Johnny Carson
Robert Moulthrop – Fire Burn
Ron Tanner – Boom, Like That
Ryan Blacketter – Horses All Over Hell
Soma Mowry – Inaudible Song
Tom Bradley – Injuring Eternity and Other Traumas
Poetry Semi-Finalists
Annie Christain – Tall as You Are Tall Between Them
B Carter Edwards – From the Standard Cyclopedia of Recipes
Chloe Joan Lopez – Quelled Communiques
Christine Hamm – Gorilla
Eleanor Paynter – The Constant Factors
Emily Rosko – Prop Rockery
Greg Nicholl – The Body as a Standard of Measurement
Lindsay Illich – Anatomy Lessons
Margaret Young – Night Blue
Marisol Baca – Revelato
Nils Michals – Chantepleure
Peter Kline – The Bedwrecker
Rae Gouirand – Open Winter
Richard G Carr – Dead Wendy
Steven Tarlow – Bitter Herbs
Tony Trigilio – Seeing the Dead
Tony Trigilio – White Noise
Valerie Bandura – Freak Show