Winner and Finalists Announced

Black Lawrence Press is very pleased to announce the winner and finalists for the Spring, 2009 Black River Chapbook Competition.
Congratulations to David Rigsbee for winning the contest with his manuscript The Pilot House. The poems in this chapbook made us ache; that’s how good they are. David will receive a cash award and publication.
Also, Black Lawrence Press often chooses an exceptional finalist manuscript for publication. Congratulations to Mary Biddinger for having her manuscript Saint Monica named as a finalist and chosen for publication.
Now…drumroll please…here is the complete list of finalists and semi-finalists for the Spring, 2009 Black River Chapbook Competition:
Brad Ricca – Nuclearmagnetic
Craig Davis – The Dog Ballerinas
Cynthia Marie Hoffman – A Skeleton Stirred into the Paper
Joshua Robbins – Suburban Hymnal
Leora S. Fridman – Telenovela Pregnancy Hoax
Lisa Fay Coutley – Back-Talk
Mary Biddinger – Saint Monica
Matt Schumacher – Blueprints for Spiderwebs
Samantha Bell – Disarticulations
Steve Wiegenstein – Kingdom of Brass
Sean Lovelace – Face Down
Kelly Luce – Ash
Seth Michelson – A Crown for Sonia
Benjamin Vogt – Without Such Absence
Dan Nowak – Of A Bed Frame
David Serafino – Our Choices Are Limited
James Bradley – Wells Ordinary Splendor
Jane Ellen Glasser – In Good Company
Jasmine Bailey – Love Songs Men Sing to Each Other
Joseph Wiinikka-Lydon – City and Field
Julie Hensley – The Language of Horses
Kathy Flann – Leaving Reno
Kristin M Keegan – Faded Blue Houses
Nicole Steinberg – Birds of Tokyo
Rebecca Givens – Everyone Is Alive Now
Rick Alley – Roof-Boy, Come Down
Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest. And congratulations again to the winner, finalists, and semi-finalists who were chosen from a group of nearly 250 submissions.
If you missed the Spring, 2009 Black River Chapbook Competition and would like to participate, consider submitting your manuscript to the Fall, 2009 competition. The deadline is October 31.