Frank and the Sinyaya Bluza: A Review of Sagittarius Agitprop in Agni

There is a great new review of Sagittarius Agitprop by Matthew Gavin Frank over at the Agni website. Here’s a great snippet:

Crafted with allegory and image, agitprop speaks to poetry. Both rely on these tools to yield a larger picture, a more complex rendering. And for poets like Matthew Gavin Frank, agitprop works, both as a rhetorical strategy and as a gateway to artistic discussion. In today’s pitch-saturated America—a country now inured to terrorist attacks and reductive television news, blogs without fact-checkers, and information tweeted in 140 characters or less—antiestablishment writing unpacks the images and messages trumpeted without nuance to Americans (think mission accomplished) and makes them into art.

Thanks to Rachel Mennies for such a great review. You can read the entire thing here.

Sagittarius Agitprop is available from Black Lawrence Press and Amazon.