Featured Bookstore: Village Books

Chuck & Dee Robinson opened Village Books in the June of 1980 and are thrilled to now be 30 years into the business. A vital part of Historic Fairhaven, a quaint area in Bellingham, WA, the bookstore moved into a larger, fresher space in 2004, where it continues to feed the reading appetites of residents and visitors.
The bookstore sells both new and used titles and in 2009 began selling e-books and digital audio books as well. To keep up with the face-paced, always changing book world, Village Books also had an Espresso Book Machine® installed. The machine has been an exciting addition to the forward-looking store and it has opened up a new world of opportunities, especially for self-publishing authors.
Village Books hosts over 250 events each year, including the Chuckanut Radio Hour, a radio variety show that has hosted Sherman Alexie, Erik Larson, and none other than Garrison Keillor, among many others.
Village Books looks forward to continuing to be a staple of Bellingham and giving back to the community as much as it has given to them.

You can support Village Books by purchasing books from their website. To receive a 10% discount, write “Black Lawrence” in the comments field before submitting your order. You can start browsing now by clicking this link.

Village Books

1200 Eleventh Street

Bellingham, WA 98225

Tel: (360) 671-2626 / 
(800) 392-BOOK

Fax: (360) 734-2573